Your call recording will be stored on the Call.Group website for 7 days from when you made the recording. For example; if you started recording your call at 10am on a Tuesday, you'll need to download the recording by 10am on Tuesday the following week.

To avoid any mishaps it's best practice to download any recording files as soon as you can. The files should be stored safely for future reference.

You can download your call recording from the Call.Group website in MP4 form. You can find this by logging in and heading to 'My Rooms' on your dashboard:

Select the room the call took place in from the list of your rooms:

You should now be able to scroll down and see an 'Event Summary' and below that a list of 'Recordings available'. To download your recording select the blue 'Recording available' button under the 'Action' column in the table:

Your recording will download to your computer where you can save, share or file it as you please!

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