Recording your conference calls can be really handy; whether you're taking the minutes and need an extra minute or you want to check exactly what your boss asked you to do for this week's meeting. Call recording is available on the Professional or Enterprise plans on Call.Group. You can record as many calls as you like but be sure to download them within 7 days. This is as they will be removed from the Call.Group database for data security reasons.

Now, how do I record my conference call?

You can record your conference call whilst you're on the call. You'll need to join with the Moderator PIN (the 5-digit one). Once you're in the call, select the 'Settings' icon in the bottom-right of the screen and choose 'Start recording' from the list:

You'll then need to confirm that you wish to record your call by clicking 'OK' to the following pop-up message:

There will be a short wait whilst the recording function is enabled. You'll see a message in the bottom-left corner while this is loading:

You'll know when recording has started on your conference as an automated message will play confirming that recording has started. You can also refer to the red circle with 'REC' in the top-right of the screen to indicate that recording has started.

How do I stop recording my conference call?

You can simply end the call and your conference will be recorded and stored on the admin area. If you want to turn off recording and continue your call you can follow these steps.

Head to 'Settings' again in the bottom-right of the screen and click 'Stop recording':

You'll have to confirm the pop-up message (like you did to enable recording) but this time, click 'OK' to disable recording. You'll know when the recording has stopped as you'll hear the automated message letting you know and see this pop-up:

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