It's easy to arrange a call on-demand with Call.Group.

Simply choose the appropriate Conference or Presentation Room on your Rooms page (what's the difference?) and then locate your Room details.

Web access

You'll notice a web link (for web participants) as well as two PINs (one for you as the Host, and one for your Guests).

Make sure you include the full web link and at least one of the PINs in any invitation you send.

Telephone dial-in access

You can also provide the dial-in numbers if you wish to allow your Guests to join by phone. All they need to do is pick up the phone and dial the number provided, entering the Room Number and PIN when prompted.

Make sure you include the Dial-in Number, Room Number and either the Host or Guest PIN in your invitation.

Can I pre-schedule calls?

You certainly can! Your Rooms are always available and waiting for use, so you can simply include the time and date to join when you send your invitation.

If you're on our Professional plan, you can also use our advanced scheduling features, letting Call.Group do the work for you when it comes to scheduling and sending invitations.

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