If you're on our 'Connect' plan you can schedule a call by simply sharing your room details in an email or any other kind of message.

Those on our 'Professional' plan can let Call.Group do the work for them when it comes to scheduling calls...

Head to 'My Rooms' in the left-hand menu of your account:

Click on the room you'd like to schedule your call in and choose 'Add schedules':

You'll then be able to set up the details of your scheduled event, including the option to repeat it automatically, with different settings for each repeated event if required:

Note: When entering Guests' email addresses, make sure they are highlighted in colour by pressing the space bar after typing the email address.

Email invitations

To trigger an invitation to your scheduled call, make sure you enable the option 'Send event invite to each Guest'.

Once you click 'Save' an email invitation will be sent to your Guests with the information they need to join your call:


As a helpful reminder, Call.Group will send a pre-call reminder to all Guests 20 minutes before your call is about to start.


To view the calls you've scheduled, you can head to your 'Calendar' page, which shows all your calls in a calendar format. From this page, you can edit or cancel (delete) any call that you've scheduled.

To cancel a call, simply click on the red 'Delete' button for the event, which will trigger an email notification to all Guests, letting them know the call has been cancelled.

You can view and manage any scheduled event in the 'All scheduled events' section beneath your calendar. This section lists all events you've scheduled, categorised by Room and event type (one-off/recurring).

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