Depending on which subscription and add-on you go for, you can have up to 125 Hosts on your account. As a company, family, or group with lots of users, you can have one account holder paying the bill for all of your Hosts. The Account Admin (the overall account holder) can add or remove Hosts at any point.

To add a Host, head to your dashboard and select 'Manage Hosts':

If you haven't added any Hosts to your account yet you'll see a message letting you know you don't have any Hosts. If you have added Hosts, you'll be able to see them in a list. Simply select 'Add Host' to start:

Simply fill in the fields with the required information about your Host and then scroll down to select which Rooms you would like them to manage. Each Room group consists of a 'Conference Room' and a 'Presentation Room'.

To select the Room(s) you want your Host to manage, click and drag each one from the blue 'Available room groups' column to the green 'Assigned Host's rooms' column:

There is no limit to how many Rooms a Host can manage. Once all of the Rooms you want your Host to manage are under the green column, select 'Save' in the bottom-right of the screen.

Your new Host will now be displayed under the 'Manage Hosts' section. You can edit your Hosts at any time to give them another room or remove a room from their management. You can delete a Host by clicking the 'Delete' button next to their name. This will happen immediately so take care to delete the correct Host:

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