Your Call.Group calls take place in one of your dedicated 'Rooms' and each Room has its own unique access details.

Example Room details

Room details include both online and telephone access. They look something like this:


Guest PIN: 1234
Host PIN: 12345

Dial-in number: 0333 011 2327

Room number: 12345678 #

Guest PIN: 12345 #

Web participants are asked for a PIN when they visit the room link.

Telephone participants are prompted to enter the Room number and Guest PIN using their keypad. They'll need to press the # key after entering each number. Currently, telephone participants can only join as Guests - so entering the Host PIN won't work.

Sending invitations

You can send invitations via your online Call.Group account.

You also have the option to send invitations manually, on-demand. You can choose whether to share online access, telephone access or both. As long as you don't change your PINs, your room details can be re-used as many times as you like.

Help with dialling in by phone

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