On every Call.Group call there are a number of participants and each is designated as either a Host or a Guest.

Calls cannot start until at least one Host has joined and if Guests join before a Host they will be asked to wait until a Host joins.

Hosts have ultimate control and can, for example, remove a specific participant or mute all online participants.

The PIN entered by a participant when joining a Room designates them as either a Host or Guest. Organisers should only share the Host PIN with those they wish to have Host status.


Guest PINs are 4 digits long and Host PINs are 5 digits long. See the example details below:

Guest PIN: 1234

Host PIN: 12345

Host controls

As the organiser of a call, you should join as a Host. This grants you with abilities/controls which Guests do not have access to, including:

  • Starting the call (calls cannot start until at least one Host has joined);

  • Removing a specific participant;

  • Muting a specific online participant;

  • Muting all other online (note that you won't be able to unmute others, but they can unmute themselves).

The abilities of Guests vary depending on the Room type you are using. Read more about Room types below:

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