Need your participants to see your screen on your conference? No problem. Call.Group’s screen-sharing feature is built-in and easy to use.

All you need to do is select the 'Share Screen' icon (this looks like the outline of a desktop computer screen) in the bottom-left of your screen on your call:

You'll then be presented with the following window where you can select to share the whole screen, a specific application window, or Internet tab:

If you want to share your entire screen, simply hit 'Share' to start screen-sharing. To stop sharing your screen or to change the application/tab you're sharing, hit the 'Share Screen' icon again.

If you only want to share one application window, select 'Application Window' from the menu and then select which application you would specifically like to share (e.g. Word, Keynote, etc.)

To share only one tab, select 'Chrome Tab' (or a tab on another browser) and click on the specific tab you would like to share from the list of your open tabs. Remember to select 'Share audio' from this tab if you need your participants to hear the audio from a video clip etc. on your tab:

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